Saturday, July 6, 2013

Water Detoxing For Weight Loss

Today I'm going to be discussing water detoxing. This is not to be confused with water fasting, but just in case it's too late and you're already wondering what the difference is between the two, I'm going to clarify.

What Is A Water Detox?

The act of drinking water throughout the day and even skipping a couple of meals and replacing those meals with water. A water detox uses H2O to cleanse the bad toxins from your body that have been put there by our bad habits such as processed fast foods, nicotine from smoking or chewing tobacco, etc.

What is Water Fasting?

The act of not eating anything all day (or for a few days) and ONLY consuming water. This forces the body's metabolism to go into "sleep" mode and as a result, the body starts to burn excess fat that's being stored in order to make up for the loss of food.

Not to freak you out or anything, but during water fasting the body is being denied food so in a way your body starts to eat itself and it starts with the extra fat cells.

Why Choose A Water Detox?

Along with breaking bad habits, we need to cleanse our bodies of the toxins we've been packing into ourselves for so long. This is a simple and gentle way of cleansing that won't affect any medications an individual may be taking.

Unlike water fasting, an individual doesn't have to give up their meals, they simply choose a healthier meal and drink lots of water before, during and after those meals as H2O helps curb your appetite and can save you from overeating.

Our bodies are made up of 72% water and it only makes sense (especially during the summer months) to refuel as we sweat due to humidity and sweating from our fitness sessions.

Does flavored Water Count?

Yes! Flavored water is a great alternative that is healthy for those who crave flavor. If you're a soda drinker then flavored seltzer water also works when looking to achieve an effective detox. It's a great way to fight off the calories and health risks of drinking too much soda. You'll be pleased to know that even seltzer water doesn't dehydrate you like soft drinks can because there is no sugar.

Can I Use Tap Water?

If you live in an area where your water is generally considered drinkable and you're not constantly seeing news reports about how you need to boil your water, then absolutely. It's recommended to drink only purified or filtered water, but sometimes going shopping for water every day or every week can get a bit expensive.

Another alternative that works well is purchasing a water filter. This way you can still drink tap water but purify it yourself so you're getting the very best out of every glass.

How Much Water Is Enough?

I highly recommend you drink at least 80oz of water daily to properly detox. The regular suggested water intake is 8 full glasses of water per day. A full glass is considered 8oz. Aim higher. Drink as much water as possible within a single day, especially if you don't usually consume ANY water on a daily basis.

I'm sure you drink quite a few glasses of soda on a daily basis. You're going to want to replace those glasses of sugary soda with water. If you know you're going to be eating soon, drink a glass of water 10 minutes before eating.

How Long Should A Water Detox Last?

Most people decide to detox for 7 days but many others decide on 14 days. It's going to depend on your body's condition prior to starting your detox. Some have done a water detox for as long as 30 days. So it's really up to you and how cleansed you want your body to be.

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